Summary: Creating Volumes in Volume Manager.

From: Alan Scott <>
Date: Wed Jun 11 2003 - 12:24:55 EDT
Thanks to all that responded.

John Martinez
Gabriel Rosenkoetter
Mike Demarco
Reggie Beavers
Matthew Darcy

   I'm sorrry that missed out that this was Oracle RAC and only raw
database files can be used in this instance, which mislead a couple of
the responces.

Mike Demarco summed it up quite succinctly.
"In any disk group you can not have two objects with the same name. You
will have to
have your DBAs change the naming convention of this volume in order to

I have passed this information on the the DBA.

once again thanks to all.

Original Question...


Solaris 8

Veritas Volume Manager 3.2

SunCluster 3

Sunfire 880 x 2

Two x T3

We have oracle database on raw disk partitions, created from the
oradata-dg. I have been asked to create another database file system for
testing. The names for the new raw database volumes will be different
from the current, except that is for the "srvconfig.ctl", which I am
told cannot be changed.

Am I right in my thinking that, if I create new volumes from the
oradata-dg disk groups that they will appear under the directory
"/dev/vx/dsk/oradata-dg" ? If so this implies that I cannot have the
"srvconfig.ctl" for the new test database in this location. Is there a
way around this?.

thanks for your time,

will summerize.

any further info/detail required please ask.

Alan Scott
Solaris System Administrator
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