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From: Gayani Jayawardena <>
Date: Tue Jun 10 2003 - 19:25:09 EDT
Thank u'all

ben <>

My original question:

 We 'll be getting Sun Fire V6800 connected to V120 . V120 will be the front end
 server served as the console for all 4 domains on V6800.

 Question 1: I want to know when one of the domains go down to OBP since there's
 no inet daemon running how can V120 console handle the OBP for the domain
                       on OBP.

 Question 2: When a domain goes down to single-user mode how can Sun Fire V120
 console communicate with the domain on single-user mode ???

 My setup - V6800 connected to V120 via private network through ethernet port.
                  - O/S Solaris 8

 Thanks in advance


We can use both the serial and ethernet (simultaneously) on the V6800 system
controller(SC),   but we really don't need to permanently connect
serial/ethernet ports to anything except initially to setup SC. But I feel Sun
suggested us to have the V120 as log server for V6800.

After configuring the network setting for SC we can directly telnet the systerm
controller from any machine.

At the system controller , you'll enter something called a domain shell
(individual domains) or the platform shell (manage the platform).

>From the domain shell, you have commands that attaches  to individual domain's
console. (it doesn't matter whether the domain is in OBP/singler-user/multi-user
mode) since SC is directly connected to the domains physically.

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