SUMMARY: Jumpstarting Netra-X1 with Sol-9 fails

From: Rob De Langhe <>
Date: Wed Jun 04 2003 - 05:04:00 EDT
I kept on trying, no merci with this system, and as usual I had blamed the
system first before looking at with I did wrong myself ...

Summarized: I attempted to load the Solaris software packages on the
Jumpstart server on a small disk of 1 GB, and obviously it did not fit
entirely on that disk. So I managed to get the two Solaris Software CDs
loaded on that disk, while removing unncessary packages from the Jumpstart
disk to free up space (like Asian fonts etc, taking lots of space).

Apparently the Jumpstart image does not like such situation : when
jumpstarting, it makes an inventory of all packages that are to be installed
(thus everything it finds on the Jumpstart disk), loads them  on the target
system, but then gets some kind of conflict with 'what is finds' against
'what it expected' (missing Asian-font packages).

So I shuffled around with my disks, got enough place free to install the
whole load of both Solaris Software CDs, and off it went !

Apparently no-one else had ever encountered such old-fashioned disk-space
problems with his Jumpstart installation, since I did not get a single reply
from this mailing list.

Anyhow, problem fixed. Up to next one.



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Subject: Jumpstarting Netra-X1 with Sol-9 fails

Hi all,

I tried to jumpstart my Netra-X1 with Solaris-9, but it doesn't work 

entirely :

the Netra loads the image, finds RPC Bootparams, set its interface, and
starts to install the Solaris software packages as specified on the
Jumpstart server.

But when the last package is installed, is terminated with the message

Could not create product file.

blabla (failure messages) and aborted.

I loaded Solaris-9 12/02 on the Jumpstart server. Any problem with that ?

Thx in advance,

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