SUMMARY: Jumpstart and DiskSuite for Solaris 9 ix86

From: Arzola, Nelson <>
Date: Mon Jun 02 2003 - 14:01:49 EDT
On Solaris 9 ix86 (and perhaps also sparc), you must force a reconfigure and
reboot after installing DiskSuite.  The easiest way to do this is:

	touch /reconfigure
	shutdown -i 6 -g 0 -y

Since I usually install DiskSuite as part of a custom JumpStart, I never
noticed this little gotcha before.

Thanks to all who responded,


> My second question is that I cannot seem to get DiskSuite installed.  Under
> Solaris 8 (sun4u), I only had to install the SUNWmdr and SUNWmdu packages.
> When installed, they updated my /etc/system file to forceload certain
> Under Solaris 9 (ix86), I installed the SUNWmdr and SUNWmdu packages.  The
> commands that I was expecting are there (metadb, metainit, metaattach), but
> the forceload commands for /etc/system are not.  When I run any DiskSuite
> command, it commands that '/dev/md/....' is not found.  In addition, while
> name of the package stayed the same (SUNWmdr), the descriptions changed.
> -- has anyone been able to get DiskSuite to work under Solaris 9 ix86
> and if so, what packages did you install to get it to work?

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