SUMMARY: e10k idn performance

From: Steve Maher <>
Date: Thu May 29 2003 - 08:59:18 EDT
Thanks to: who said that 2.6 does not suport idn who said "The only advice I have about IDN is to
run away. Very quickly." who said that idn isn't  really
all that fast and needs multiple cpu's to achive max throughput.

My original post:

I've  got a three domain e10k 2 domains are running 2.6 and one is running 8.
The ssp is running solaris 7, ssp 3.2. the domains are all fully patched and 
have 8 gigs of ram each. we need to transfer database files from domain to 
domain ocasionally and are considering setting up idn between the two 2.6 
domains to facilitate the data transfer. We do not have a gigabit network in 
place so are hoping that the idn facility will give us good throughput.  
Can anyone tell me what they think of the idea, what their experiences have 
been with idn on e10k's, the kind of speed you got and the dangers involved. 
My understanding is that if an error occurs it could bring down the idn 
connected domains.  

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