SUMMARY: (NO SUMMARY) Setting serial line receive buffer size?

From: Homan, Charles (NE) <Charles.Homan_at_GDC4S.Com>
Date: Fri May 23 2003 - 13:44:58 EDT
Sorry for the delayed summary, but I got no responses, and I found no answer
to my original question.  However, the symptom the engineers saw (two minute
"pauses" during FTP transmissions) went away once they turned off all
compression options but one in the /etc/ppp/options file on each machine.


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Subject: Setting serial line receive buffer size?

Greetings, colleagues,

I have a user who wants to tweak his serial port receive buffer "trigger
point" on a SunBlade 100 running Solaris 8.  I'm sort of assuming this is
possible - even *I* know how to do it on Windows, and that is saying
something... ;-) Unfortunately, I can't find any info on how to go about it,
so now I'm starting to wonder if it is indeed possible.  I guess I'm also
assuming that Sun serial ports work the same as PC serial ports - that is,
that they collect a certain amount of data in a small buffer and then signal
the processor with an interrupt to come and get the data.  I have no idea if
that is a correct assumption or not.

Some background: The user is developing an application using PPP over the
serial port between two SunBlades.  The line is connected by two long-haul
modems which could theoretically be miles apart, but in the lab are about 10
feet apart.  They are trying to FTP over the line, and are seeing 2 minute
breaks in the connection.  That is, FTP transfers some data, stops for two
minutes, transfers a little more, stops for two more minutes, etc.  I have
to admit that I am not really involved in the diagnosis of this problem, but
they believe that tweaking the receive buffer will help them out, and I
would like to be able to tell them how to do that.

Any help would be appreciated.  In the immortal words of Jean Claude van
Damme, "Teach me." :-)


ObDisclaimer: These comments are mine and don't necessarily reflect the
views of my employers.
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