SUMMARY: Access limitations for web administrators

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Date: Fri May 23 2003 - 08:20:36 EDT
Thanks for all the great replies.

Proposed solutions:

Use Solaris ACLs
Use sudo as required

The answers were 100% do NOT give web admins root access. There were a
couple of questions about what I meant by "web admin". Our web admins
configure and administer our iPlanet/Sun One web servers. I imagine that
is how things are in most shops although in some cases systems
administrators perform those tasks. I am in complete agreement with
restricting root access to systems administrators.

One responder suggested looking into AFS and indicated that AFS would
allow a system admin to more easily grant access to web admins. I looked
at and it does look very interesting. One thing I like
about the AFS idea is that it would allow us to move web services to Linux
if we choose without having the additional complication of having to
figure out how to duplicate the solaris acls on Linux which doesn't seem
possible at all without AFS.


> Hello List,
> I have a question about how most shops provide sufficient access to web
> server administrators to allow them to work as independently as
> possible. Here at my work place we have 2 Solaris admins and several web
> server (iPlanet) admins. We allow them access to web areas with a
> complicated system of filesystem ACLs and permissions.
> Is this the best approach. Does anyone give their web admins root access
> or limited root access?
> Thanks,
> Vic
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