SUMMARY: Expanding RAID system w/o disksuite

From: Levent Demiroers <>
Date: Mon May 19 2003 - 11:57:58 EDT
Dear Managers,

I'd like to thank 
 Darren Dunham
 Rene Casalme
 Juergen Waiblinger
for their answers in this matter.

There were several issues/misunderstandings on my side that let to the post in
the first place. After reading the answers on my post and thinking a little I
got it working:

1) Of course I forgot to edit /kernel/drv7sd.conf, so when my array had
   initialized the new hd's as lun1, they wouldn't show up. 
2) Solaris 8 (and 9, too?) does not handle devices with more than 1TB capacity.
   Even DiskSuite can't do anything about that. Since my array was slightly
   above that limit, I finally reinitialized the whole array (I had made a
   backup before...) and changed it into Raid5+spare, so that the final capacity
   was below 1TB.

regards, Levent

Original post:

> Hi Managers,
> our group bought a TripleStor IDE-to-SCSI RAID system some while ago.
> We could only afford to buy 5 hd's with it, so three slots remained unused.
> That system works fine, after initialing the RAID system to RAID5, we just did
> a format/partition/newfs and mounted it....
> Just recently, we decided to buy the "missing" three hd's, they arrived a few
> days ago. After plugging them in and re-initializing the array, I have another
> LUN available....
> But now I don't know how to procede. After rebuilding the /dev and /devices
> links, the new disks to do not show up. I checked the existing partition with
> 'format', it has still the original size.
> I would like to merge both LUN's on the array, is this possible? Do I have to
> use disksuite? 

 Levent Demiroers      
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