SUMMARY:Moving a veritas disk across controllers

From: <>
Date: Mon May 19 2003 - 09:20:42 EDT
Thanks to Darren Dunham and Aaron Largent.

Here is what they suggested and it worked...

Don't make any configuration changes.

1) Shut the machine down
2) Move the disk
3) Boot -r.

When veritas starts, it will look for the disk.  If the disk is found,
it will start using it.  It doesn't have to have the same pathname.


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Subject: Moving a veritas disk across controllers

Dear Gurus,
I want to move a Veritas disk from a controller to another controller which
part of a volume.

Here is the output of the current vxprint -ht

Disk group: dev2dg

dg dev2dg       default      default  89000    1031340406.1630.wilweb1

dm dev2dg03     c2t2d0s2     sliced   2888     71124291 -
dm dev2dg04     c0t2d0s2     sliced   2888     71124291 -

v  risklv-L01   fsgen        ENABLED  ACTIVE   42479856 SELECT    -
pl risklv-P01   risklv-L01   ENABLED  ACTIVE   LOGONLY  CONCAT    -        RW
sd dev2dg03-02  risklv-P01   dev2dg03 62916642 55       LOG       c2t2d0
pl risklv-P02   risklv-L01   ENABLED  ACTIVE   42479856 CONCAT    -        RW
sd dev2dg03-03  risklv-P02   dev2dg03 0        42479856 0         c2t2d0
pl risklv-P03   risklv-L01   ENABLED  ACTIVE   42479856 CONCAT    -        RW
sd dev2dg04-05  risklv-P03   dev2dg04 0        42479856 0         c0t2d0

I want to move c2t2d0 to c3t2d0.

Here is what I was planning to do.

vxplex dis risklv-P01
vxplex dis risklv-P02

move the disk from c2 to c3 and do a boot -r and hopefully the plexes on the
moved disk will be intact.( I had read in an article somewhere that just boot
-r would do the trick as long as the volumes within that disk are self
contained).I then attach the two plexes back to risklv-L01. Also, what extra
steps would be needed if one of the disk is a rootmirror.

Thanks and I will summarize,


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