SUMMARY: Badblock on disk

From: John Rams <>
Date: Sun May 18 2003 - 14:05:33 EDT
Thanks to J Carlos Castro, Hichael Morton and

All pointed out the hardware error, which demands disk repalcement as a
proactive measure.
We eventually replaced the disk and some data is not vital on other striped
partions, restored
partially from backup. I only meant to say meta devices are configured on the
disk when
i meant "with Disksuite" in the original subject.

More detailed answer from is as follows.

The bad block may be an early warning of impending disk failure. That
argues for replacing the disk at the earliest opportunity. It's a media
(i.e. hardware) error, so fsck alone will not make it go away.

Since it's a SCSI disk, you should be able to use the format utility to
replace the bad block with a spare. If the bad block is on a mirrored
slice, you should be able to do that while the system is running.
For good measure, make sure your backups are as current as possible
before doing this---especially for the striped metadevices. In any
case, schedule a disk replacement sometime soon, before things get
any worse.

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  What would be best to resolve following system log message. On a 420R with
2x18G internal disks.
  This shows a bad block on a disk , does it warrant a disk replacement or
fsck on that partition is enough.
   Can not test this as i cannot afford a reboot without a formal action

  Problem is not all partions on the disk are mirrored. Two other partitions
are striped.

  Error for Command: read(10)                Error Level: Retryable
  Requested Block: 2283904                  Error Block: 283904
  Sense Key: Media Error
  ASC: 0x11 (unrecovered read error), ASCQ: 0x0, FRU: 0x0
  WARNING: /pci@1f,4000/scsi@3/sd@0,0 (sd0):
  Error for Command: read(10)                Error Level: Fatal
  md: d31: read error on /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s4
  WARNING: md: d41: /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s4 needs maintenance

  Any ideas?

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