SUMMARY: hme1 internface.

From: RJ45 <>
Date: Sun May 18 2003 - 02:12:30 EDT
MY question was almost stupid, the solution is written in the man pages.
Why my hme1 interface does nto apper in ifconfig ?

before being able to use a logical NIC it's necessary to give a command to
creatr the logical interface itself.

solution is:

ifconfig hme1 plumb   // to create te interface
ifconfig hme1 unplumb // to deactivate it

sorry but I am used to BSD style where there is not a plumb option in
ifconfig, since I use a ultra10 with OpenBSD I am mostly used to BSD
ifconfig syntax, so I Did not imagine ifconfig could have such an option.
sorry again, and thank you to all these kind peopel who answered my
question. thanks to:

Aaron Collosi, Martin D. Baldeneg, Luc I. Suryo, Andrew Yauhwa Wu, Douglas
Palmer, Kelly Fergason, Carl Marino, Larry Snyder, Joon Martin Hansen, Tim
Evans, Mark Horning, toph, Alexander Sarreite

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