SUMMARY: E3500 - Bad Disk ?

From: David Price <>
Date: Thu May 15 2003 - 09:09:19 EDT
Thanks to all that responded.

The general consensus is the GBIC's on E3500's are known for failing.  That
they burn out over time so it would not be at all uncommon for 1 or more of
the GBIC's on the machine to have worn out.

I will be testing this theory in a few days when I replace them.


Quoting David Price <>:

> I am running the E3500 with 2 internal FCAL drives.  1 drive is slot 0 and
> mirror in slot 4.
> Mirror is managed by Volume Manager.  System is running 2.6
> Complete history of the last month or so is as follows:
> System crashed.
> On reboot system complained that boot drive was bad.  System and Drives
> approx. 4 years old.
> Not knowing any better I, and not knowing how to boot off the mirror, I
> removed the drive and placed the mirror in its place.
> System them booted.
> 2 Replacement drives were purchased.  With assistance from Veritas we were
> able to put one of the new drives in the mirror slot (slot 4) and rebuild
> the mirror.
> Jump ahead 4 weeks.
> System would not come up during a reboot complaining initially that the
> drive had an invalid root plex and then subsequently that the drive was
> offline.
> Machine was then booted successfully off the mirror.  Drive was flagged
> removal and then removed.  A replacement drive was inserted and system was
> rebooted after a 'touch /reconfigure' but drive can not be seen by system.
> System complains that bus is offline.
> At this point I suspect either the GBIC, Fiber Cable or the replacement
> drive is bad.  The replacement drive is most likely a refurbished drive
> though this was not stated at time of purchase.  So it not unlikely that
> drive could be bad from the start.
> The system has 2 I/O cards installed with 1 card going to the lower bus
> the 2nd card going to the upper bus.
> I noticed that each IO card has slots for 2 GBIC's but only 1 is used.
> the FCAL interface board also has 2 GBIC slots for each bus but only 1 per
> bus is being used.
> Would connecting all 4 GBIC's provide greater redundancy/fault tolerance ?
> Does anyone know of a history of a Fiber Cable going bad over time ?
> Are the GBIC's and Cable hot swappable ?
> Thoughts and recommendations appreciated
> I will summarize.
> Thanks
> Dave
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