SUMMARY: Question about Remote Controlling a SUN

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Date: Thu May 15 2003 - 05:23:21 EDT
Hi All,

Thanks to:

Martin Hepworth
Lars Fasel
Steve Maher
John Timon
Everett Mullis
Aaron Largent
Jeremy Russell
Claude Charest
Ryan A. Krenzischek
Jain Rajeev
Martin Schmitt
Todd Wilkinson
Philip Plane
Glenn Harrison
Paul Talbot
Jay Jay Florendo
David Foster
Rene Casalme

For all your responses.

As you see, lots of responses. Most people advised me to check for their series of
console servers. So I did,  and have already contacted their Dutch office
for more details.
Cisco and modem-related solutions were offered too, but personnaly I'm not
that fond of
configuring modems, and Cisco is quite expensive. Other solutions were:
setting up another system(Sparc 5),  and connect via ssh to the system, and
then  to console with tip
connect via a RSC,but  RSC is not available for a 220.

Best regards,

Andy Kannberg
System Engineer
LG Philips Displays Eindhoven
The Netherlands
tel: 040 - 2789265
fax: 040 - 2785405
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