SUMMARY: Device name for printing on ultra-5

From: Steve Howie <>
Date: Fri May 09 2003 - 10:04:06 EDT
Hi thanks to the following folks for their suggestions as to what device 
should be used when setting up a printer on an Ultra-5:

Turns out /dev/ecpp0 is the correct port to use. The printer is directly 
attached to the parallel port on the back of the Ultra-5 and JetDirect 
was not involved.

Thanks to those who responded.


Original message:

Hi there - title says it all. I need to know the device lp prints to on 
a Sun Ultra-5. We are hooking up an HP C2300 impact printer (type 'HP' 
in admintool), and need to know the device name  - first time I tried 
this, it defaulted to /dev/term/a which doesn't seem right for a 
parallel port printer.

Anyway, the prnter is currently hooked up, online and not showing any 
errors. Lpstat -t shows the printer as enabled and accepting print jobs.

Any ideas?

Thanks Scotty
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