SUMMARY: shell geometry changed after patches (was No subject)

From: <>
Date: Wed May 07 2003 - 13:21:17 EDT
Thanks for all the replies (too many to count). Original question at the bottom. Sun support pointed me to the following bug report from earlier this month:

Bug Id: 4843340
 Category: kernel
 Subcategory: streams
 State: committed
 Synopsis: patch 105181-34 /kernel/strmod/ptem returns EINVAL for TIOCGWINSZ ioctl
full-screen console apps like vi, less etc. seem to have an incorrect notion of terminal dimensions when running inside an xterm, so that, e.g., if you open a file with vi, about 40 lines, say, scroll off the top of your xterm. this is
with /usr/openwin/bin/xterm, although another xterm we have on the same machine exhibits the same problem

other symptoms:
2- if you use dtterm with a larger than default window size, vi uses only the first 25 lines of the window. 

There appear to be varying terminal sypmtoms related to this kernel patch. Good call by Crist Clark on ptem though our file looks unpatched.


> After patching an Ultra-60 running Sol 2.6 users are 
> unable to expand their vi sessions beyond 80x24 when 
> SSH/telnet'ing to the box. For example, 'vi 
> /etc/services' brings up 24 lines of the file and you 
> can scroll forward/backward but not view more than 24 
> lines. This occurs while using SSH or telnet from other 
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