SUMMARY: questions about auto-boot? and watchdog-reboot? promvariables..

From: Nicole Skyrca <>
Date: Wed May 07 2003 - 10:52:46 EDT
more spam!


Most people said that setting "auto-boot?" to false will only prevent the
system from booting after powering it on, or doing a reset. Some people said
it will prevent a system from rebooting after a panic.   Some people said
this setting will not prevent you from being able to reboot the machine with
the "reboot" or "init 6" commands. (Which is what I saw when testing)

I didn't really get many answers about the "watchdog-reboot?" setting.
One person said that "since the watchdog-reboot applies only to reboots, it
not affected by the auto-boot setting".  They also said that they never
worried about this setting and always leave it at the default.  I'll probably
keep this at the default setting.

Thanks to all who responded.

Original message
Sorry for the spam... I wanted to clarify something in my original question.
I was able to reboot my sparc 4 using the "init 6" command while the
"auto-boot?" variable was set to false.


I have two questions:
1) We have a requirement that our machines will only go to an "ok" prompt
the power comes on after a  poweroutage.  I would still like to be able to do
a normal reboot of the machine. I originally thought that if you set the
eeprom variable "auto-boot?" to false, I would not be able to do a normal
reboot of the machine. I tested setting the prom variable "auto-boot?" to
false on a sparc4, and I was sucessful in rebooting it.   Is this the
behavior when setting "auto-boot?" to false, so my original understanding was
incorrect?  Does anyone know if this works the same for all Suns, like
Sparc4,5, 10, E250, Ultra1?

2) Does anyone have any recommendations for or against setting the eeprom
variable "watchdog-reboot?" to true? I'm concidering setting this to true so
the machine will reboot if there is a watchdog reset.

If I have "auto-boot?" set to false, "watchdog-reboot?" to true,  and a
watchdog reset occurs, will the system just stay at the ok prompt because the
system did a reset.  Will the "auto-boot?" variable have precidence over the
"watchdog-reboot?" variable? (Does that make any sense?)

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