SUMMARY: ARP/RARP JumpStart issue

From: Alexander Frost <>
Date: Mon May 05 2003 - 13:42:07 EDT
Just to let everyone know, I solved the problem.
After doing a search on SunSolve, I found enough information to give me
a few more options. I went into the tftp directory and noticed that the file (the ip of the machine) was not in there. I then
remembered that we had changed the ipaddresses of the machines after the
./add_install_client was run. So the jumpstart server really did not
understand what blade2 wanted since it was under a different IP. So by
doing a ./rm_install_client blade2 and then ./add_install_client for
blade2 again it populated the correct information into the tftp
directory for the machine to boot properly.

So I guess the moral of the story is, if you change the IP of a machine
after having it already setup for a jumpstart, make sure to
re-install_client it.....

Thanks for everyone's help in the matter even though it was my own
"stupidity" that caused me to over look this issue.


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From: Alexander Frost
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Subject: ARP/RARP JumpStart issue

Greetings all,

            I have a sunfire v100 and I am setting it up as a jumpstart
server. It will have the ability to jumpstart Solaris 2.6, 7, 8 and 9
down to the client workstations. I have run into one slight snag with
one of my Sun Blade 100 machines. Now when I type "boot net - install"
from the ok prompt on the Blade, it gives me an ARP/RARP Request time
out message (two lines of it and then it sits there for a while). After
a while it will tell me to check my tftp server. Now I have triple
checked the /etc/ethers file and it does have the correct MAC address
listed for this machine

0:3:ba:1d:95:66  blade2

If I run snoop on the Sunfire server and I grep for tftp I found this:

blade2 -> BROADCAST    TFTP Read "0A004467" (octet)
sunjumpstart -> blade2       TFTP Error: access violation

Though I have no idea why it is an "access violation"

I have a Blade right next to this blade that works just fine. I have
swapped cables, switch ports, just about everything I can think of. I
can boot off the bad blades Hard drive into a version of Solaris 8 and
ping other machines around the network.

If anyone can think of anything it would be appreciated.

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