SUMMARY: Re: Filehandles

From: Richard Russell <>
Date: Mon May 05 2003 - 10:02:09 EDT
Hi Sunmanagers, 

A number of people (who I won't list here, as I only have webmail, and just 
compiling the list of names will take five minutes) said I should add lines 
similar to the following to /etc/system: 

set rlim_fd_cur = 4096
set rlim_fd_max = 8192 

(various numbers were recommended). 

Also suggested were ulimit (which can be set by the user up to rlim_fd_max 
(as I understand) and plimit (which is also restricted by rlim_fd_max). 

To check what is actually happenning, I used plimit, sysdef and pfiles... 

# sysdef
* Process Resource Limit Tunables (Current:Maximum)
         Infinity:Infinity             cpu time
         Infinity:Infinity             file size
         Infinity:Infinity             heap size
0x0000000000800000:Infinity             stack size
         Infinity:Infinity             core file size
0x0000000000001000:0x0000000000002000   file descriptors
         Infinity:Infinity             mapped memory

so sysdef reports max file descriptors as 4096:8192, as set in /etc/system. 

I also put ulimit -n 8192 in the .profile of the user, and tested this with 
ulimit -a, which reported 8192 descriptors. However, plimit reports only 

plimit <PID1> <PID2> | grep files
 nofiles(descriptors)  1024            1024
 nofiles(descriptors)  1024            1024

Strange (this was the same as when I was using lower numbers earlier) 

Finally, I checked the processes with pfiles: 

# for i in <PID1> <PID2>; do pfiles $i |grep mode| wc -l; done

One process needs 272, the other, 75... Monitoring these as I do my test, 
and the first climbs to 276, then coredumps. Sigh. 

Still, I think my question was answered -- pity is may have been the wrong 



Richard Russell writes: 

> Hi Sunmanagers, 
> Is it possible to increase the maximum number of filehandles that a
> process can have open at once in Solaris 8 on a StarFire V100? I have
> ESRI ArcIMS running, and it is needing rather a lot of filehandles --
> keeps dumping core, and i beleive this is the root cause...
> Cheers 
> rr 
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