SUMMARY: solaris 9 sendmail (SUN package) on Solaris 8/7 systems

From: John Rams <>
Date: Sun May 04 2003 - 12:39:15 EDT
Thanks so much to Tim Villa, Paul Frederiksen,  Rich Kulawiec, Brooke King,

Alan Pae for their responses.

Here are the original answers. I will start packaging my own sendmial

in stead of using SUn's packages.

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From: "Tim Villa" <

 I'd go for the open source version, personally (and do!).

 To install, grab the binary and put it in /usr/lib and then in the source
 directory cd to cf/cf then copy to and run
 "sh Build", and copy the .cf file you create to
 /etc/mail.  This is all that you need to do to install.

 There should be a startup script (usually S88) in /etc/rc2.d to start it up.

 Before doing the Build on the .cf file, you might want to add features like
 access lists and RBL checking for spam control.  Information on these is in
 the Sendmail onsite documentation.

 Good luck,

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From: "Rich Kulawiec" <

 0. Please wrap your lines at 80 columns; articles which don't
 do that are very hard to read.

 1. I build sendmail 8.12.9 from source for Solaris (and OpenBSD)
 systems: might as well, because one day 8.12.10 will come along.

 2. I modify one file (per Solaris release) in the source tree to
 do this; for example, for Solaris 9, I changed devtools/OS/SunOS.5.9
 like this:

 < define(`confMAPDEF', `-DNEWDB -DMAP_REGEX')
 < define(`confLIBS', `-lsocket -lnsl -ldb')
  define(`confLIBS', `-lsocket -lnsl')

 I do this because I have the Berkeley "new" db system installed
 and because I don't use NIS or NISPLUS.  Salt to local taste;
 if you want to use DBM and you either use NIS/NISPLUS or don't
 care about compiling in support for them, perhaps you won't
 even need/want to change this.

 3. I just use the installation instructions in the "INSTALL" file
 in the source tree.  Then I use rdist/rsync to update all the
 other systems.

 4. I've also managed to get the config files (,
 to be the same everywhere, AND the virtusertable and access files
 to be the same, so I rdist/rsync those too.  No such luck with
 the aliases file, though. ;-)  If you can do the same, I highly
 recommend it: makes predicting the impact of subsequent changes
 much easier.

 And that's about it.  ( occurs to me that pre-Solaris 9
 versions of /etc/init.d/sendmail may need adjustment.  I'd be
 tempted when and where possible to make them the same as the
 Solaris 9 version just to keep things consistent...but I have
 yet to actually try that because it hasn't been necessary.)


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From: "King, Brooke" <

 I make and package my own Sendmail 8.12.9 (with some other additions, like

 OpenSSL 0.9.7b and zlib 1.1.4). I package the files and some directories that

are generated by the Build and Build force-install (for mail.local, despite
the warnings

it works fine). I wrote my own preinstall and postinstall scripts to do things
like make

aliases and other maps, as well as to assure that there is a user and group

 My configuration files,, aliases, start scripts, etc., are
packaged separately

from the binaries package so I can have different configuration packages for

types of systems while still using the same binaries package.

 I eliminate the Sun Sendmail packages entirely. I wrote my own start scripts,
but they

are modeled after standard System V start scripts, including those for Sun's


from Alan Pae:

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From: "Frederiksen, Paul (Contractor)" <

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Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2003 11:54 AM

Subject: RE: solaris 9 sendmail (SUN package) on Solaris 8/7 systems

 I would save yourself some work and just use SUN's packages.

 Paul Frederiksen
 Systems Engineer

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 From: []
 Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2003 2:53 PM
 Subject: solaris 9 sendmail (SUN package) on Solaris 8/7 systems

 Tossed with the idea of installing SUN packages that comes with Solaris 9,
 which has Sendmail 8.12.8+sun and installing patch 105395-09 on systems
 running Solaris 8 & 7.

 Is it a workable solution? Or can you suggest compiling and building from
 source and create a package and install on other systems using pkgadd?

 I already have sendmail 8.12.9 binary compiled and not sure what to package.
 For example startup scripts are not generated as part of compiling sendmail.

 Any ideas??

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