SUMMARY: problem with imp's spanish translation in solaris

From: Angel L. Mateo <>
Date: Thu May 29 2003 - 13:25:40 EDT

	First of all, thank you to everybody that helped me.

	The question was:

> 	I have a problem tyring to run imp with spanish translation in a
> solaris server. The problem I have is that almost all messages appears
> in english (all except the help messages) although I have selected
> spanish as the default language. I have read that there is a problem
> with gettext support in php in solaris due to solaris has its own
> gettext libraries, so I have compiled php linked to solaris' gettext and
> to gnu's one, but I have the same result?
	Finally, the problem was not PHP neither gettext compilation. The
problem was an environment variable. I had LC_ALL=C, changing this to
LC_ALL=es_ES before launching apache solves the problem.

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