SUMMARY: Ultra 1 and E220R max memory module size

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Date: Fri Jun 06 2003 - 12:27:18 EDT
Thanks to Marco Greene, Tom Schmidt, Kevin Dawley, Steve Sandau, Casper
Dik, and Robin Williams.  Robin, Tom and Steve had the right answers and
Robin had documentation to back it up.  The U1 will take 128MB modules
up to the maximum of 1GB although Sun's website claims a max of 64MB.
The E220 will only take a max 128MB module up to 2GB.

Thanks for all your help,

Original Post:
According to the, the maximum size of memory module that
can be installed in an Ultra 1  is 64MB (X7003A) and in an E220R is
128MB (X7004A).  Does anyone know if larger memory modules, say 128MB in
the Ultra1 and 256MB in the E220R, can be installed and recognized by
the OS?
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