SUMMARY: Ultra 5 not booting

From: <>
Date: Thu May 01 2003 - 17:18:58 EDT
After running 'set-defaults' at the ok prompt, everything works as
intended.  I still don't know what was messed up, but that fixed it.
Thanks to all who responded, especially Jonathan Hays for this particular


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Well, I still haven't figured out exactly what's going on, but thanks to
several suggestions, I have tried out a couple more things and have a
little more info...

- I verified that the 'net' device it's trying to use (
/pci@1f,0/pci@1,1/network@1,1) is actually there.
- watch-net tells me that the network card can (ostensibly, at least) see
traffic on the network (and the light on the hub it's plugged into comes on
when I turn the mahcine on, so it sees the machine, at least at a very
basic level.  Also, I've successfully jumpstarted different machines
through this same network port before, so there shouldn't be any network
configuration issues that are the problem)
- probe-ide tells me that it recognizes the hard drive ok.  Also, I
switched out the drive with a different one, and got the same behaviour.
- running test-all didn't give me anything useful.  It fails when it gets
to the floppy disk test, but I expect that, since there isn't a disk in the
- I don't see anything from the machine when I run snoop on the jumpstart
server, but I think that's because it's not even getting to that point yet.
It seems like it hangs before it even tries to ARP/RARP.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks.


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I've got an Ultra 5 that was sans hard drive.  I put a new drive in it, and
I'm trying to jumpstart it (I've already set everything up on the jumpstart
server) but it doesn't get very far...

Rebooting with command: boot net - install
Boot device: /pci@1f,0/pci@1,1/network@1,1  File and args: - install

and it will just sit there.  Is there anything I can try to do to at least
figure out what's wrong?  Also, if it's a bad network card, can I just
stick a PCI network card in there, and jumpstart from it?  How would I
specify that it's to try to use a different card to do the jumpstart?


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