SUMMARY: solaris named secondary fails against WIN 2000 DNS server

From: Stuart Little <>
Date: Thu May 01 2003 - 11:21:17 EDT
This is not a real summary as I didn't raise a query but might be useful.

Recently we demoted a Solaris 2.6 DNS server to be a secondary DNS server 
against a WIN 2000 DNS server with Active Directory enabled.

Solaris server was then complaining about:-

named-xfer:  "blah.blah IN 33"  - unknown type (33)


  print_output: short answer (blah, blah), zone
My fix in the absence of anything spotted on Sun Managers or google
was to try out bind-9.2.2 to replace the stock in-named. The version
of dig bundled worked on a zone transfer so went for running the 9.2.2

This appears to have fixed the problem at the moment, but testing so far is 
limited to a few hours...

Your mileage may vary....I'm simply fixing up an internal network...

If anyone can give me reasons as to why I shouldn't do this it would be 
appreciated and raise a second summary :-)

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