[SUMMARY] NFS file limit on 2.6/8

From: Peter Stokes <peter_at_ashlyn.co.uk>
Date: Wed Apr 30 2003 - 13:22:19 EDT
Hi All

Thanks to

Jay Lessert
Alan Scott
(Anyone else I missed.....)

They both suggested looking at the largefiles option for mount, it appears
that ufs does this by default, but on 2.6 at least the nfs mount does not
and you have to specify 'largefiles' as a mount option in vfstab, all is
working fine now that is done.


Original Mail


As the search facility is temporarily not operating and I am sure it is in
there, can someone let me know if I can create a 30Gb+ file over NFS coming
from a 2.6 client to 8 server, if so how?



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