SUMMARY: Changing the UID of a unix account

From: Dave Martini <>
Date: Thu May 01 2003 - 17:11:09 EDT
Thanks much to 
The V. Tran and Charles Homan and Mark Day who suggested I run this command

nistbladm -e uid=1234 '[name=username]'passwd.org_dir

All I had to do then was do a chown -R on the users home directory and 
was all set.

It was not necessary to delete and then re-create the users account.

My original questions follows:

 What's the procedure to change a NIS + users UID?
> According to the Solaris 9 Admin guid it says to delete the account
> and then re-create it with the new UID. 
> I noticed that Solstice Adminsuite does't allow for the changing of 
> the UID. Is there a command line way to do it or is deleting 
> and creating
> the account once again the only option? 
> Thanks much.
> Dave Martini
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