SUMMARY: SDLT Tape Drive on Compaq MDR

From: Greene, Marco <>
Date: Tue Apr 29 2003 - 16:59:45 EDT
I figured it out with a little pointer from HP (Compaq) Gold Support.
If you don't have any SCSI maps defined all SCSI devices can be seen by
all Fibre ports.  As it turns out, I just had to increase my entries for
number of luns in st.conf and rebuild the VERITAS sg driver.   Mind you
now everything is going through one fibre port, so balancing the tape
drives is the next step.  Tomorrow maybe.


Marco Greene, BEng
Infrastructure and Recovery Architect
NexInnovations Inc.

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Subject: SDLT Tape Drive on Compaq MDR

I currently have 4 SDLT tape drives connected through a Compaq MDR which
works great!

However, because I am backing up 120 servers we have decided to get a
5th tape drive.

Now the MDR sees the tape drive fine.  It is a 4 LVD - 2 FC with 2 SDLT
drives on each scsi bus and 2 scsi bus' per fibre channel port.

This means that the 5th drive needs to go over the second fibre port.

I know from the host point of view that it sees the MDR port but it can
not see the drive.

There are no presentations on the MDR restricting host access.

The server is running Solaris 8, 64-bit with Compaq SecurePath V2.1a.
(SecurePath is required for the HSG80 drive.)

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