SUMMARY: SSH2 over PPPoE on Sol 2.7

From: Paul Wilkinson <>
Date: Tue Apr 29 2003 - 15:43:20 EDT
Thank's to Ben Garrett and Henri Servomaa who both have this working,
Ben with a Linksys router between the Sun and the ADSL modem, and
Henri by adjusting the MTU down to that suggested by their ISP.

Since a Linksys router is not an option I further researched the
MTU size and located an interesting test at :

This test method produced an MTU size of 538 in my case, changing
all interfaces made no difference to the problem though.

After applying greater pressure to the Telco who installed the ADSL
line and modem I was told they effectively lower the priority of SSH
and PPTP (perhaps others too) by placing HTTP and FTP packets in a
high priority queue.

I'm still waiting on a decision by the telco executives as to whether
this policy could/should be changed.


I asked :

> Solaris 2.7 system configured with Free PPP 2.3.11 and SSH 2.3.0
> (non-commercial version) from
> For some time I've reliably used this system to connect to a remote
> system using dial-up Internet access.
> Using PPP to connect to ISP, SSH to remote site and tunnel PPP
> through the SSH session I establish a secure point to point link
> between the two systems.
> With the availability of ADSL locally, I tried replacing the working
> PPP -> ISP with RP-PPPoE 3.5 -> ADSL router via le0.
> Using PPPoE and ADSL, general Internet access is great. Performance
> over the SSH session is extremely poor and unreliable, even without
> the 2nd PPP tunnel.
> I note many references to setting the MTU size correctly and have
> tried various suggested values without effect (le0 at 1500 and ppp0
> at 1492, le0 at 1492 and ppp0 at 1492).
> Anyone using SSH over a PPPoE link successfully ?
> Does Solaris 8 PPPD (PPPoE) play better with SSH ?
> Any help, advice and info welcome.
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