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thanks for the replies.
joe fletcher,

Bertrand Hutin,

Vincent Detzel ,

Alan Pae

LWP - light weight proccess  ~ thread process.

      there for it can not be avoided.

the overall understanding was that the process is waiting for some child
process to get finished.

This could be a slow disk or a slow network connection, or a slow tape

I went for the network and found out that there is a dial up link from my
site to the backup client site.

thanks for the replies,


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i have an extrem slow backup process on a solaris 8 server.
trussing it gives me multple of the following lines:

lwp_cond_wait(0xFF08DFA0, 0xFF08DFB0, 0x00000000) (sleeping...)
lwp_cond_wait(0xFF00FFA0, 0xFF00FFB0, 0x00000000) (sleeping...)

man -k lwp gives me all the syscalls but i havent found the information
what lwp does and why it seems to slow down my backup process
can it be avoided?

thanks in advance
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