Summary: use DLT35/70 tape in a DLT40/80 drive

From: Kwan, William <>
Date: Mon Apr 28 2003 - 12:05:12 EDT
Hopefully this is not too early to finalize the question.

The original problem is trying to use DLT8000 (40/80) tapes that were
written by a DLT7000(35/70) drive on a DLT8000 drive again.  Tapes
inserted in a DLT8000 drive will be ejected by the hardware.  NO OS was
involved. I wasn't able to send any command to the drive.

I got suggestions from format, initialize to dd the tape.  Mike Salehi
suggested that a tape used in the lower density drives may need to be

On this HP page
.HTML), it mentioned:

"NOTE: To write to DLT Type IV data cartridges previously written by a
DLT 20/40, DLT 35/70, and/or DLT 40/80, each data cartridge must first
be degaussed before usage with a DLT VS 40/80 or DLT1 tape drive or
device. For new, unused media, this step is not necessary."

Since there's no button or anything on the tape drive to set the
density, I think I need to find a big magnet.

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> Running out of tapes, want to try used DLT tapes in a DLT40/80 drive.
> These tapes were used in a DLT35/70 drive before (they are 40/80
> tapes). It doesn't work... anyway to break this?
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