SUMMARY: remove package from a broken kernel

From: Bart Terryn <>
Date: Sun Apr 27 2003 - 13:55:57 EDT
I know I'm late with it.
But here is the 'winning' solution for my earlier question on this list.

----------Lucas Bunyan said:
There is a sundocument that  talks about removing a pathc whiel booted from
cdrom.  I am sure that you can adapt this for the pkgrm command.
the document numnber is 50624.  You do  not need a sunsolve login id  to
get to this document.  go to and search for this document.

And indeed the chgroot command described in this document allowed me to
remove the package in question and return the (backup) system disks to a
working state.
(needed the copy /etc/mnttab trick from that doc as well.

Thanks again to everybody that responded.

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