SUMMARY: Restore deleted files

From: Patrick O'Reilly <>
Date: Thu Apr 24 2003 - 11:39:40 EDT
Thanks go to all the respondents, who mostly said that I was SOL unless I
had a backup (which I didn't).  My favorite line stated that in UNIX, once a
file is deleted, it is gone.  Not so quick!   I should say I am not a Sun
sysadmin, but a meteorologist who runs a few Sun machines that only get used
by me.  So, yes I should have backups, and I do of other important scripts,
but somehow forgot these.  My loss...well, almost. original

I recently deleted a directory of files that I would love to have back,
months of work on a few scripts.  Instead of typing

rm *.gem *.gif

I typed

rm *.gem * gif

and quickly hit enter without realizing there was no period between * and
gif.  Can I restore these files somehow?  I am running patched Solaris 8 on
a Ultra-10.


Todd Boss and Ed Rolison.......with:

- unrm, Lazarus; tools used to recover deleted unix files (part of TCT:
the Coroner toolkit)
- surf to
It's a lot of pain and effort though.

I went and got the TCT package and though it took overnight to run, worked
like a charm!  Wasn't that much of a pain, actually.  I am once again the
proud owner of the previously deleted scripts.  A little work and time, but
much less than re-writing all the scripts!  I heartily endorse the TCT
package.  THANKS Todd and Ed!

Patrick O'Reilly
Meteorological Decision Support Scientist
The STORM Project - University of Northern Iowa  ~  ph: 319-273-3789

"No trees were killed in the making of this e-mail...however,
a large number of electrons were horribly inconvenienced."
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