SUMMARY: Who is doing chmod on homedirs ?

From: Nicolas Dorfsman <>
Date: Tue Apr 22 2003 - 20:13:15 EDT
	A very late time before to write it.

So, I wasn't the first guy to encounter this kind of magic chmod !
G.Hackett suggest: 
You could write a wrapper script for chmod by moving chmod to
chmod.sav and then put the folllowing lines in the file chmod
who am i > /chmod_monitor
exec $0.sav $@
Then make chmod executable.

....this can't trap every inode modifications, but permits to exclude
humans or scripts.

Pavan Hotha wrote me about a similar issue...was Virus Scanner which
scans samba shares and change permissions. SreenivasaRao Vadalasetty
reports the same experience.
I haven't any wintel machine with a virus scanner....but....hey ! what
about my NFS shares ? So, I remove "root=xxx" in /etc/dfs/dfstab and
reshare all.

Problem solved ! One of my Linux box change permissions on remote shares
! I can't say which one (I've got some RH and Mdk) but they did !

Thanks for all their replies to:
Pascal Grostabussiat
Mr Rene Occelli 
G Hackett
Pavan Hotha
SreenivasaRao Vadalasetty
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