SUMMARY OT: Load Balancing Hardware

From: Mike's List <>
Date: Tue Apr 22 2003 - 15:00:25 EDT
Thank you goes to everyone that responded (really too many to list)...

1) f5 big ip (                      --by far the most popular
2) cisco local directors (       --second most
3) foundry networks (  --third

A few suggested Cisco Arrowpoint (formerly Arrowpoint which Cisco
purchased, and I think the hardware might be EOL in favors of the local
directors but not certain).

The F5 BIG IP is the most preferred and everyone agreed that BIG IP is
easy to manage/use and does all that I was looking for.

- Mike

---------- original message ----------

Any recommendations for a hardware load balancing solution? ie. something
easy to configure and manage and ability to manage the distribution.

Example: one server has dual processors another with one processor, hence,
         2/3 of processing requests go to server1 while 1/3 go to server2.
         ...and with additional servers added/removed, ability to modify.

I'm looking for/prefer hardware solution not software.


- Mike
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