Summary: How to RAID1+0 with Solaris 9 SVM

From: Mohamed Lrhazi <>
Date: Mon Apr 21 2003 - 12:34:09 EDT
Thanks for all who responded to me, especially Mike,, 
who pointed out that he asked the same question and posted a summary 
last month. More info will be found in his summary. Sorry for missing 
that and resending the question.

In short:

Q: How to set up RAID1+0 using Solaris Volume Manager
A: Just set up RAID 0+1, using same number of stripes and stripes of 
same size, the software will set up RAID1+0, and won't tell you it did! 
There is no way to ensure what you built was RAID1+0 and not 0+1, except 
from unplugging disks. said he tested it himself.

This behaviour is not documented anywhere, apart from the few sentences 
in SVM user guide that I pasted in my original post. got me excited suggesting that A5000 have 
hardware RAID cards built in.... It turns out that is not correct, A5x00 
do not have hardware RAID.

One response,,  claimed that what I configured 
was really RAID 0+1... I am not willing to unplug my disks right now in 
order to verify , I just hope he is wrong :)

Thank you all,

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