SUMMARY: Does PC NetLink Work with Active Directory??

From: Dave Martini <>
Date: Thu Apr 17 2003 - 18:16:55 EDT
The answer that I received from the one person that replied:

No, PC NetLink emulates a NT-style domain. It has no knowledge of
2000-style Active Directory.

It looks like since I don't have a PDC it won't work as far as trying
to join my UNIX domain to my PC domain. I was told (by a SUN tech)
I could try to have the PC domain join the UNIX domain/PDC but have 
not tried doing this yet.

Dave Martini

Here's my original question:

We have an PC domain that is an active directory domain. Our domain
> name is epd but we don't have a PDC (Primary Domain Controller) as I understand
> it (This is what my NT administrator has explained to me) All our PC clients arerunning windows 2000. Our main PC server is running Windows 2000 server.
> When I try the joindomain command as shown below it fails when I put the name
> of the domain in. Does anyone know if PC NetLink version 2.0 works with Active Directory? Is it wanting the name of a PDC on this question or a domain?
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