Summary: Async memory fault on Sparc 5 running SunOS 4.1.3_U1

From: <>
Date: Thu Apr 17 2003 - 09:30:10 EDT
Thanks Peter Stokes and Bill Voight.

I had two suggestions to solve the problem:

1)    Memory may be sensitive. Try another motherboard.
2)    Reseat and switch the memory DIMMs over. If it persists it could be
the motherboard.

As I have tried various DIMMS in various machines and the problem occurs
every few months. I have put new memory in two machines
so I will do bit more testing and see what happens.

If there are any more suggestions Please let me know.

The Problem:

Hello all

I am running SunOS 4.1.3_U1 on Sun Sparc 5s. Time to time I get the Async
Memory fault ; Panic on CPU 0 and machine reboots.

I have install the jumbo patch 101508-15 and 101592-09 and replaced the
memory SIMMS number of times in various machines
but I am still getting the fault.

Initially I use to get Watchdog error and I installed the patch 101508-15
and 101592-09 for that and since than I never had a watchdog reset.
But async memory fault is still a big problem.

Can some one get me out this jigsaw. Many thanks:

The early messages for Async memory fault:

      vmunix: Async memory fault mfsr=0x81802860 mfar=0xbb75598
            vmunix: panic on cpu 0: async memory fault
       vmunix: syncing file systems... VAC ENABLED
      and machine reboots

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