SUMMARY: to extract files from tape

From: <>
Date: Thu Apr 17 2003 - 08:49:48 EDT
thanks all who replied my question.
my question was 
"I have DDS2 tapes. I want to read these tapes by using dds3 tape driver. It
has data about sea. There is no any explanation about how I can extract. But
there are some notes on them. For example, box1.tar.gz. I understand from
this note, there is a file in tape which name is box1.tar.gz. and I tried to
extract this tape by using tar command: tar xvf /dev/rmt/0n but I get this
message: 'tar: checksum error' ".

the answer is to use GNUtar command. to obtain this file, I download tar
file for solaris2.8 from HYPERLINK

I tried and it worked. 

thanks again.

Ebru TAN 
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TUBITAK Marmara Research Center 
Earth and Marine Sciences Research Institute 
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