SUMMARY: adding internal 73GB disks to V880

From: john benjamins <>
Date: Tue Apr 15 2003 - 16:29:42 EDT

boy that was quick.  got a flurry of answers that fell into one of two
categories.  a few people said that my original plan should be fine. 
however, the other group all said basically the same thing, which is
best summed up by a FAQ on Sun's own web site.  the answer is to be
found at, which says
the following:

  3. How can I expand the internal disk array from six to twelve disks?

     The system comes standard with a single disk backplane which will support
     the first six drives.  To expand beyond six, to a maximum of twelve
     disks a 6-bay internal expansion FC-AL disk backplane with either
     six 73 GB or six 36.4 GB disks will need to be ordered and installed.

so, what they were trying to sell me was the 6 drives, PLUS the
backplane needed to support the additional drives.

thank you to everyone who was so quick to respond.  it's very much

cheers,		-john
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On Tue, 2003-04-15 at 13:19, john benjamins wrote:
> Hi,
> we are thinking of adding some additional disk to our V880 (4GB RAM, six
> 73GB internal disk, Solaris 8).  so i called the Sun sales number for a
> quote, and they said i had to buy six 73GB or six 36GB disks to add
> disks to the V880.  but i only want 2 more 73 GB disks!  can i not buy
> two 73GB FC-AL disks (X6742A) and have that be a supported
> configuration?  has anyone else added additional 73GB disks to a V880? 
> am i missing something obvious here?
> thanks!		-john
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