SUMMARY: can't read changes made to filesystem on XP 512 made by another system

From: Steve Howie <>
Date: Tue Apr 15 2003 - 16:23:07 EDT
Many thanks to those who replied -

Steve Mickler
Bertrand Hutin
Carl Ma
Casper Dik
Jay Lessert
Darren Dunham

The consensus is that this is not a good thing at all when using UFS 
file systems (which I am), since a file system mounted R-O is assumed to 
never have changes made to it. Directory inconsistencies can result, 
causing system panics if you're not careful.

The suggested alternatives included:

- Mount the file systems R/W to only one host, then export them to the 
other host using NFS and perform any updates from there.

- Making use of a multi-mount capable  filesystem such as

   Sun SAM-FS
   Veritas Cluster Filesystem
   ADIC StorNext Filesystem

   {Thanks to Darren Dunham)

Once again thanks to those who responded

Steve Howie
University of Guelph

------------ original message ---------------------

We have a SunFire V880 with a number of file systems mounted on an XP512 
SAN via a JNI card going through a Brocade switch. These file systems 
consist of relatively static data, and are mounted Read-Write should any 
changes need to be made. System "A"

An E450 system also accesses these same file systems using a JNI card 
going through the Brocade switch and has them mounted Read-Only. System 
"B". Everything is working fine and the file systems are visible to both 
systems. However, it seems than changes made to System "A" do not show 
up as visible on System "B". I touched a file on A and there was no sign 
of it on B.

Am I correct in assuming that this is just a caching issue on the XP512? 
  It has a very large cache indeed accordng to our SAN guy.

Any pointers appreciated,
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