A1000/E3500 Duh answered- thanks...(summary)

From: Bruntel, Mitchell L, SOLCM <mbruntel_at_att.com>
Date: Tue Apr 15 2003 - 08:50:17 EDT
Thanks for the quick sanity check all:

1) To those who inquired, yes, I have the correct SCSI controller
( a differential scsi controller and cables...)
2) Yes, I do know what happens when you ASS/U/ME something, and was HOPING
that my duh (as I hypothized) was correct).

Bottom line: yes, As I thought, it IS plug and pray <as all *nix is...>
especially on a new install.  It was suggested that technically, the boot -r
command (at ok prompt) will   * "recreate" the /dev and /devices structure, so
newly added devices will be discovered and added to the os.  and that
3) find/get a copy of of RAID Manager --(ver 6.22)

Thanks again, happy holidays to those who celebrate this week!

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"assume"  you do what it stands for, don't you!

you will have to do a reconfiguration boot for any new hardware to be

you will need the correct scsi controller.  you mentioned the cables
but not the controller.  the onboard controller in the e3500 will not
work with the a1000.  you will need a differential scsi controller.

the sun engineer handbook is online at sunsolve.sun.com.  the
information on the scsi controller (and other hardware) can be found in
the se handbook.

--- "Bruntel, Mitchell L, SOLCM" <mbruntel@att.com> wrote:
> This is likely a DUH RTFM question, but (it's SO big and so much
> stuff)..
> Here's the dumb question.
> Presuming I use the RIGHT (scsi) cables on both sides. AND
> if I install a A1000 on a "brand new" (newly turned on/formatted)
> E3500
> (and freshly installed OS)
> Is it correct to presume that it should see the new disk array as
> simply additional SCSI, and
> "AUTOMaGICALLY" (my favorite computer word!)
> adds it into the configuration, and would thus
> negate most of the configuration issues in installing this on a new
> system?
> (and I can then at my leisure, do the "hard" stuff, like deciding
> where and
> how
> to mount my items
> Sorry for seeming so stupid, but I've been up working all night on
> this...
> Mitch
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