From: Thomas Carter <>
Date: Fri Apr 11 2003 - 16:34:07 EDT
I applied patch 109077-11 which, according to the README, is actually a 
new version of the DHCP server. After installing it and running in debug 
mode, I found the HP JetDirect box was showing a Client ID of 01 + the MAC 
address. changing the entry to 01080009A2AD65 caused it to work correctly.

Thomas Carter
MEMC Southwest

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Thomas Carter
04/10/2003 05:18 PM

        Subject:        Help with DHCP/BOOTP

I'm trying to set up in.dhcpd on Solaris 8 to serve primarily as a BOOTP 
server for a number printers we have scattered around. Our router forwards 
all BOOTP requests to this server. 
I've set up the networks and addresses, and made sure the service is 
started and enabled. The server is set for Manual BOOTP Compatibility, but 
it doesn't seem to answer the BOOTP requests. When I run in.dhcpd in debug 
mode, it logs the following  (IPs changed to protect the innocent):

 Packet received from relay agent:
 Datagram received on network device: hme0
 BOOTP client: 080009A2AD65 is looking for a configuration.

But that client is defined in a configuration file:

080009A2AD65    11  0

In DHCP manager, I defined this client ID as reserved, permanent, and only 
for BOOTP clients.

What do I need to do to make in.dhcpd answer these requests? Am I missing 

Thomas Carter
MEMC Southwest
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