[SUMMARY] weird sendmail problem on Solaris 9

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Date: Mon Apr 14 2003 - 01:06:18 EDT
Thanks to everyone who responded:
Crist J. Clark
comp.mail.sendmail users

The solution came from comp.mail.sendmail users. The solution is to add:

	O ResolverOptions=WorkAroundBrokenAAAA

option to your sendmail.cf file or

	define(`confBIND_OPTS', `WorkAroundBrokenAAAA')dnl

to your sendmail.mc file.

And this is why (according to sendmail README file in sendmail source 

"When attempting to canonify a hostname, some broken name servers will
return SERVFAIL (a temporary failure) on T_AAAA (IPv6) lookups.  If you
want to excuse this behavior, include WorkAroundBrokenAAAA in
ResolverOptions.  However, instead, we recommend catching the problem 
and reporting it to the name server administrator so we can rid the 
world of broken name servers."


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--- original message ---
I have a weird Sendmail problems and I have run out of ideas on how to fix
it. Server is Netra X1 running Sendmail 8.12.9 and bind 9.2.2. DNS works
100% and all e-mail works except for one domain (1tv.tv). Any time I try to
send e-mail to that doaminS my mail gets queued with following error:

Running /var/spool/mqueue/h3A5t8VW020803 (sequence 1 of 1)
1tv.tv: Name server timeout
<test@1tv.tv>... Transient parse error -- message queued for future

They sit in the queue for 5 days and then get thrown out.
Here is the weird part DNS works 100% and evry thing resolves fine, mine
and recipients address.


 >> set type=any
 >> 1tv.tv


Non-authoritative answer:
1tv.tv  mail exchanger = 10 mxpool.postoffice.net.
Name:   1tv.tv
1tv.tv  nameserver = ns2-hosts.nic.tv.
1tv.tv  nameserver = ns1-hosts.nic.tv.

Authoritative answers can be found from:
1tv.tv  nameserver = ns2-hosts.nic.tv.
1tv.tv  nameserver = ns1-hosts.nic.tv.

nslookup mxpool.postoffice.net

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:   mxpool.postoffice.net


telnet mxpool.postoffice.net 25
Connected to mxpool.postoffice.net.
Escape character is '^]'.
220 esmail02.eservices.usa.net ESMTP USA.NET-SMTA vC8.MAIN.1.11G; Thu, 10
Apr 2003 06:20:47 GMT
221 Goodbye
Connection to mxpool.postoffice.net closed by foreign host.


Also if I do Sendmail address test it fails with the same error
/usr/lib/sendmail -bt
ADDRESS TEST MODE (ruleset 3 NOT automatically invoked)
Enter <ruleset> <address>

 >> 3 test@1tv.tv

canonify           input: test @ 1tv . tv
Canonify2          input: test < @ 1tv . tv >
1tv.tv: Name server timeout
Canonify2        returns: test < @ 1tv . tv >
canonify         returns: test < @ 1tv . tv >
== Ruleset 3 (3) status 75

And for the biggest kick of all, if I send e-mail to the same address from
any other of my 5 mail servers it works fine. The only difference from the
machines is that the rest of the servers are Linux and all the mail and dns
software is exactly the same.

Any ideas are welcomed.

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