SUMMARY/NEW QUESITON: DNS cache server, sendmail

From: Levent Demiroers <>
Date: Sun Apr 13 2003 - 12:37:27 EDT
Hi Managers,

first, let me thank 

Sebastien DAUBIGNE
Marc Sheldon
James Zhao
Timothy Lorenc
Tim Chipman

for their answers. I decided to try out djbdns (
) which turned out to be a easy installation. After following the five (six?)
steps of the installation manual, the service was up and running!


The main reason I embarked on this whole quest was the difficulties I had with
sendmails (using ver 8.11.6+Sun) Anti-Spam policies. When I tun on the strict
host checking, a lot of emails are rejected with the error message 
"Domain of sender address blabla does not resolve", even though a lookup through
> getent hosts blabla or
> dnsip blabla
gives a result.

Any hints on this issue? I'd appreciate it.

Cheers, Levent

 Levent Demiroers      
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