From: Jeremy Russell <>
Date: Wed Apr 09 2003 - 22:26:10 EDT
Thanks for all of the replies, I got a million it seems, I learned some
new things I wasn't aware of before.  I was misinformed.  Here's my
scenario to shed some more light on the subject.

The Solaris machine is performing monitoring services for the internal
and external networks.  It has an internal address that has been given
NAT capabilities through the firewall.  The internal DNS boxen are Win2k
Active Directory machines.  The internal network is dominated by Win2k,
just one Solaris box, and that's me.  The external servers are Sprints
public DNS machines.  I plan to install two Solaris Boxes with Bind 9
when I get the appropriate hardware to place on our external network.

Some issues I have.
A lot of the replies said to have the internal forward or cache,  I want
them to but the policy is of right now that they will not.  The current
management wants them to only do internal DNS,  the only external
addresses are fed to clients through the proxy.  So until that is
settled the stuff wont forward or anything.  The external DNS that we
use know nothing of the internal domain.  So I have to make use of
bother sets of servers to resolve on both sides.  With the restraints I
have been given anyways.

Some more weirdness...
I went today and implemented the resolv.conf as I had sent it in the
original post (I inly had internal servers in it), the weird part is
that it works!  I'm not aware of anything changing ,so... it just got

FYI, my nsswitch.conf is set to "files dns" so that wasn't the problem.
I am in agreement that my problem lies with the fact that so many
pointed out the the DNS servers are giving me a "host not found" and not
failing over.  That sounds logical.  Also I probably should fix my broke
resolv.conf since it is not syntactically correct. (DOH!)

But, I'm gonna leave it for a while and see what happens...  weird...

Thanks again for the many replies,  and for fun I keep everyone up to
date on this twisted tale... Thanks!!

PS: Sorry about the book I just wrote... :/
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