SUMMARY: Why doesn't prtdiag return temperature information available via lom?

From: Alek O. Komarnitsky (N-CSC) <>
Date: Fri Apr 11 2003 - 13:29:02 EDT
I asked earlier this week:
   I'm using the "gettemp" program to monitor/notify - this is available at:
         -> Misc. Tech Stuff
         -> gettemp    (disclaimer: I wrote it!   ;-)
   which basically uses the "prtdiag" command to get temperature info.
   This is available on a number of machines, and is VERY handy to keep
   an eye not only on the ambient (or close to ambient) temperatures,
   but also CPU/etc. temperatures and auto-notify on overheats.
   We've used this for years and it works pretty darn well;
   even though the code is kinda ugly.
   I have some spanking new V120's (nice boxes) that I have loaded
   Solaris2.9 on and also added the LOM package.. The "prtdiag" command
   does NOT appear to return any temperature info (even with the -v option),
   but if one does a "lom -t", you get some data.
   So obviousely it *IS* available from a hardware point of view;
   but it would sure be nice if the prtdiag command returned it.
   I have done some misc. searching, but have not come across
   a patch or option for "prtdiag" ... has anyone else and/or
   if someone from Sun is lurking, this would be a REALLY NICE PATCH!    ;-)

Unfortunately, I did not get a "good" answer - as mentioned above,
there *IS* a hardware temperature sensor available on the V120 and
it *IS* available when running Solaris (using the "lom" command),
so it is surprising that the "prtdiag" command doesn't simply use
the same code/interface to obtain this and then display it.

One person said you must have picld running to help get environmental data, 
but that is running here - it's a fairly "stock" Solaris2.9 load.

Another person mentioned that the SunFire hardware requires you get
it from the RSC card (which appears to be the case on V280's for
the ambient temperature), but as mentioned above, on this V120;
it is clearly obtainable "directly" from Solaris.

Hopefully a future patch/release of prtdiag will include this functionality 
which would be helpful/complete and probably not too difficult to add.

In the meantime, I think I'll modify gettemp to call the lom command
instead of prtdiag for those machines that require this.

Thanx all that responded (see list below),

David Foster <foster AT>
Hichael Morton <mh1272 AT>
William Yodlowsky <wyodlows AT>
Ryan A. Krenzischek <krenzischek AT>
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