SUMMARY: root disk clonning with dd

From: Joohyun Cha <>
Date: Thu Apr 10 2003 - 20:56:07 EDT
Hi. Managers.

Thanks to all your responses from 
Steve Maher
Frangois Legal
Yakov Lerner
Espen Martinsen
Hargrave, Mark
Charles Gagnon
Homan, Charles
McCaffity, Ray
Wingfield, John
Hichael Morton

Almost every managers said that it's normal if I dd with unmounted
slice. I should first boot from cdrom and use dd command then there
are no errors. but in my case (OS disk clonning with live system)
I just can't shut it down and boot from cdrom so when I need to 
use clone disk by dd or ufsdump command I should do sync several times
before excuting command and make a system quiet as possible as I can.
And also again I should do fsck.

Espen Martinsen and Homan, Charles pointed me a good resource for this

Thanks againg!! even if my english is so poor.

Alwaye be well.
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