SUMMARY: /dev/random for Solaris 8

From: <>
Date: Wed Apr 09 2003 - 11:48:42 EDT
Thanks for the overwhelming response!  Great list!

The consensus was install patch 112438-01 and reboot.

Other suggestions:
* SUNWski on the solaris easy access cds
* andirand (use google)
* prngd (use google)

Download it from Andreas Maier site:

Thanks (in order received) to:
Steven Haywood
Gary Chambers
Eric Trager
Randy Romero
Gavin Harris
Chistopher L. Barnard
Cathy M.  Bodenstedt
Mario Williams
Rob De Langhe
Casper Dik
Lonnie Ratliff
Mike Salehi
Yakov Lerner
Hichael Morton
Sean Timmins
William Yodlowsky
Eric Forgette
Tim Thomas
Brian Pardy
Celso G. Lima
Kendall Lloyd
Luc I. Suryo
Preiszl Matthias
Suresh Vuthamaraju
Lars Hecking
and also to those that are still reponding....

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