SUMMARY: tracking mail sending

From: Gustavo Tobares <>
Date: Wed Apr 09 2003 - 11:38:16 EDT
Thank's to 

	Crist Clark and Jay Lesser

They give me two way to solve the problem

a. Activate the mail.debug in syslog.conf
b. See the properties of the e-mail received (outlook)

Both options solve my problem.

Thank's again.

Gustavo Tobares 
Administrador de Sistemas y  DBA
Centro de Computos - Red Megatone
TE: 0342-4500972 - Fax: 0342-4500940

>Gustavo Tobares wrote:
> Hi all,
>         Im using SOLARIS 8 with sendmail, relaying outgoing mails to
> exchange over NT 4.  The mails sended from the solaris are in the form
>         username@santafe.megatone
>         One user named "hello" ( tell me with has
> received one e-mail from pruebas@santafe.megatone  in you (exchange)
> inbox.
>         The user pruebas ( on the SOLARIS  say
> her not send e-mails to any user.
>         They are a way to know who send the e-mail from the SOLARIS using
> pruebas@santafe.megatone directed to hello?
>         They are logs in the Solaris sendmail system? how I can active it?
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