SUMMARY: [Fwd: E450 URGENT Assistance! not powering up]

From: Angel Alejandro Vega Soto <>
Date: Tue Apr 08 2003 - 17:55:56 EDT
Geeez the people of this list are awesome, thanks to:

Matthew Stier
 Sean Berry <
Greg Hanks <>
Jayashankar Nelamane Srinivasarao
Colin Bigam <>

Specially to: Pascal Grostabussiat <> who was kind
enough for a more detail schematic help

The Answer in brief by Greg Hanks:

The cover in the rear engages two different micro switches. These
switches are very delicate, but disable the power. Look carefully at
them and ensure that the little plastic points on the cover engage the
switches. If in question, unscrew them through the access holes on the
side rails, remove the micro switches and ensure that the actuateing
levers are in the proper location. These bend easily so be careful.

I Think is a tipicall murphys law case:

A switch of 50 cents. make a 15k dollar machine not to work.
Thanks again to all of you !
The original post is below !
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HEllo managers, I have a very strange case.

I recently installed two more processors with their correspondig DCDC on
a E450.

The power on  the machine with no problem , same day 1 hour later I was
asked to replace the existing DDS3 tape reader which was causing trouble
with a new DDS3.

I replace the DDS3 but now the machine doesnt power up, or power on.
I reassembly everithing in place, all covers, every screw but the
machine doesnt power up.
The power plug is connected, the key switch is to off the to on and
nothing, also connected the keyboard and repeat the steps and press the
power button, and nothing not even the fans start.

??? WHAT IS IT ?? i remove the new DCDC and the CPUS, nothing. I
reinstall them, the same, remove cards, disks, but nothing.

I check at

The only thing that Ive notice is that the 3er led (from left to right)
on the power supply, the DC status is always off, anyone has ever seen
anithing like this.

The machine warranty time is over I ask sun for a time and material
report but are very slow, any ideas ? how can I identify the failure
component ?


Angel Alejandro Vega Soto <>
Tecnologia Informatica y Consultoria
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