Summary: Sun Pci II and mouse (final)

From: Bob Rahe <>
Date: Tue Apr 08 2003 - 14:45:48 EDT
  Well, thanks to Bryan Hodgson <hodgson@EECS.Lehigh.EDU> for some
ideas which unfortunately didn't help the problem but he did warn me
away from putting in any of the SiS driver updates into the XP
machine(!).  He was the ONLY person to comment.

  I opened a case with Sun since what was actually happening was that
the mouse problem would only occur after openwindows had been running for
some amount of time.  So things might LOOK fixed but...

  Sun tried a couple of things including a patch (113616-01) which
changed the problem.  Now, it acts like it is missing mouse-ups.  I.e.
click on a close (x) box and until you move the mouse, even a tiny bit,
it just stays 'pushed' but nothing happens.

  Sun tried some other stuff on that including changing the SunPCI card.
Nothing seems to help.  Interestingly, it DOESN'T happen when running
under CDE.

  So we're going to leave it at that - the problem is pretty much
innocuous and I can live with it until I convert to CDE eventually.



  Original message was:


  I've installed a SUNpci II pro card in my Sunblade 1000 running
Solaris 8, installed Windows XP and SP1 on it, upgraded the Sunpci
software to 2.3.2 and run the update drivers script.  I'm running it
to a window on the SunBlade.

  The problem is the mouse.  Clicks seem to act in ways that are non-
obvious.  For example, a single click (not click and hold, just a
simple click) on the background acts like I'm clicking and holding.
I.e. if I click once and then move the mouse it starts making
rectangles.  Similarly if I click on something (single) and move the
mouse it starts to move the object around.

  Various other bizarre behavior in trying to get single clicks on some
buttons to do anything and double clicks seem to require furious
clicking to get to work.

  I've checked various places in the Windows control panels that might
actually CAUSE this - there's an option that actually does that -
sticky clicks or something - but it's turned off.  I even tried turning
it on and it oddly made NO difference....

 Also, once the pc is booted up to windows the 'attach mouse' key/menu
option seems to have no effect.  As in nothing happens or changes when
you select it or hit the meta-M.

  Ideas anyone?




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